FlingCom Review

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Flingcom Review

Overall 91/100
Local Search10/15
Last Login15/15
Free Contact15/15
Trust Rank5/5
Chat Board5/5
Instant Mes.5/5

I am always sceptical about new adult sites, but flingcom soon reassured me. The sign up process was quick and easy and I was soon able to view potential partners. I was impressed that I was able to view all the explicit photos straight away – lots of site hide the good photos until you are a paid member. I also like being able to search based on when a user last actually used the site. But what really sold me on the site was the web-cam. I’m sure you have used sites like this, spent time wooing a girl and arranged a meet with someone who’s picture looks smoking hot – then you actually meet them in the flesh – and the picture must have been ten years old!


Using the web cam you can actually chat with someone and find out what they look like now before you meet them (and you don’t have to just “chat”!!). If a great partner isn’t on site when you are you can also join in a video chat room with other users – or chat to one of their sexy models! The instant messaging feature is great too – with loads of pre-written messages for when you just don’t know how to phrase what you want to say. Signing up for paid membership is also easy, and fling give you peace of mind by offering 3 months for free if you don’t get hooked up in your first three months! Paid membership also lets you contact other members and enlarge those naughty profile pictures! Flingcom will not only get you laid but will also give a place to hang out with like minded people and as a bonus you will also get access to some great porn via streaming video so you have something to watch while you are waiting for your date. Highly recommended.

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